Frequently Asked Questions

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Check out our most frequently asked questions about Strongback Chairs below. Check out the answers to common questions, as well as information about cleaning and maintaining your new chair. If you have additional questions, visit our Contact Us page to reach out!


What is the difference between the Elite and the Guru?
The Elite is our flagship product; the largest and most spacious of the STRONGBACK line, with solid arms for easy exit and entry.
However we created the Guru to meet the needs of smaller people.  The Guru is lighter and smaller than the Elite, but has the same ergonomic back support, with soft arms and 2 cup holders.  
What is the easiest way to fold the chair back up?

The easiest way to fold your chair is to grab the center fabric on the front of the seat and the top of the back and pull them together. 

What is the warranty?

STRONGBACK is proud to provide our website customers with an exclusive full 100% 3 year warranty on all chairs. This warranty covers all replacements due to defective materials or if the chair breaks for any reason within normal use. You have three full years of coverage.

Why are Strongback Chairs more expensive than other travel chairs?

STRONGBACK Chairs ARE NOT more expensive than standard camp chairs when you consider the value – how much is a healthy back worth?  Certainly a lot more than the price of a STRONGBACK Chair.

People keep sitting in my chair when I get up. What do I do?
It is a common problem with STRONGBACK Chairs – the moment you get out of your chair one of your friends or family will be sitting in it because it is much more comfortable than their standard travel sucky chair.
You have three options:

Option 1. Fight for YOUR chair. It’s your chair. They can get their own STRONGBACK Chair. Don’t reward cheap moochers by just giving in and letting them steal your chair.  Fight! However, if you tend to lose fights because you are weak of body or mind try option 2.

Option 2. Share your chair.  If you choose this option you will need rules prior to and during all outdoor events to ensure you get to sit in your chair rather than losing fights because you are a wimp (see 1 above).  Sharing rules:
The first to call “STRONGBACK” the day of an event gets to sit in the chair first.  If you call “STRONGBACK” when you get up and before someone has a chance to sit in your chair, you get to sit in your chair when you return.
Option 3. Buy everyone a STRONGBACK Chair.  You will not have to fight with your family and friends or share.  You will be loved and appreciated by all. Everyone wins.

Cleaning & Maintenance 

What is the best way to clean my Strongback chair?

Clean the legs with tap water and dry.  Since we are talking about folding, sometimes grit and dirt gets stuck on the legs and that makes the chair harder to fold.  STRONGBACK Chairs use a rugged, lightweight fabric that is easily washed using a brush, soap, water, and a hose.  We recommend using a mild detergent. After washing, air dry before storing to prevent mold.

Do I have to lube my Strongback Chair?

Over time and exposure to the elements, STRONGBACK Chairs may
inherit an increase in friction when folding and unfolding.  Maintenance
for this is a matter of cleaning the front legs of the chair and applying a
thin coat of WD-40 and then opening and closing your chair a few times.

How do I take care of my Strongback chairs?
Sometimes sand, salt or dirt gets stuck on the legs and that makes the chair harder to fold.  So please, remember the following tips:

1) Clean the legs with tap water and dry – do not use a pressure hose.

2) Apply a small amount of oil (WD40) where the small plastic piece slides on the front leg.

3) Open and close several times – should move like silk.

How should I store my Strongback Chairs?

Store in the Shade

Leaving your chair exposed to strong sunlight for extended periods of
time can cause the colors to fade and the fabric to weaken.  To prevent
this, don’t leave your chair in the sun after use.

Caution with Sea Water

Sea water can corrode the coating of the steel framework of your chair.
We use steel as it holds up longer and provides the strength to support
our patented, frame-integrated lumbar support design.  To prevent
corrosion, please rinse your chair with fresh water and allow it to dry
after a day at the beach before storing.